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Sport Specific Conditioning for details

  • Our Conditioning programs, “Hardcore Sports Conditioning” are offered in various team sports; Hockey, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, etc.
  • We create programs for all sports. We assess the sport mechanics of the athletes through baseline functional demand tests and work with the coaches to establish a program that meets their objectives for the team as well as the expectations of the athletes.
  • We can offer programs for Individuals, pairs, small groups of 3 or 4 athletes or teams of 10-20 athletes.

    Please Note: If you wish to have an entire team trained, our large group team sessions are held at another location (TBD) in order to service the entire team.

Hardcore Hockey for details

  • Dry-Land Hockey Conditioning Program

Individual, Paired, Small Group of three or four and Team Programs Offered:
Hardcore Conditioning programs emphasize the mix of athletic skills with sport specific skills. The athletic skills development is achieved through our functional training techniques, which target core stability, body awareness through various balance drills, power development through explosive Olympic style strength training, movement efficiency (agility) through demands in multi-directional footwork patterns, which mimic sport demands, and lastly, in our energy system specific training, which will train both aerobic and anaerobic demands expected from the athletes in sport.

Please Note: Large Group Training sessions are held at another Location (TBD)

Specialized Hockey Goaltender Dry-land Training

  • Our goalie specific conditioning program shares the key elements of all our sport conditioning programs, in training, core, balance speed and strength. Although it focus’ more on goaltender specific patterns, which mimic their demands on the ice, through our dry land demands.

Personal Strength Training: Individual or for details

  • Hardcore Sport Conditioning can tailor our conditioning programs for any age, size and stage of development, you inform us of your objectives and we will create a program suitable for your demand
  • Our program offers constant supervision and informative instruction by our therapists or strength coaches.

Fitness for details

  • We perform baseline and post program fitness testing as an evaluation tool to measure their strength and conditioning gains.

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